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 Hydrogen Inhalation Machine single version, 300ml/min and 600ml/min are available. Purity: >99.99%. Leading technology eliminates need for an inconvenient humidification bottle. Portable design and Service Life: over 8000 hours. 

H2 Life Hydrogen Water Bottle is a portable daily hydrogen rich water generator bottle concentration above 3.7ppm. It supports the transformation into hydrogen inhalation bottle and mini portable hydrogen water generator.

Hydrogen Inhaltion Machine Premium Version for two people. Molecular hydrogen flow: 600mL/min, double-port hydrogen, single-port hydrogen output: 300mL/min Hydrogen purity: >99.99%.

H2 Life High Volume Micro-Nano Hydrogen Generator 1500ppb. Production can accommodate commercial or industrial needs. Suitable for spas, sauna, hot springs, agricultural uses, etc.

Micro-Nano Hydrogen Spa Generator. Micro-nano-grade pure hydrogen water bath. Super high concentration–up to 1400 ppb. Long-lasting, full potency for 3 hours.

Revolutionary technology/Clean and sanitize/No chemical residues/Antibacterial. A small bag (86g) can be used 600 times! Powerful cleaning, vibrant colors

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