Hydrogen Water Bottle
Are you still eating all kinds of strange fruits and vitamin capsules? Maybe you should change your Anti-aging way.
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Application for covid-19

Home Hydrogen Inhalation Machine single version, 300ml/min and 600ml/min are available. Purity: >99.99%. Leading technology eliminates need for an inconvenient humidification bottle. Portable design and Service Life: over 8000 hours.

H2 Life Hydrogen Water Bottle is a portable daily hydrogen rich water generator bottle an average concentration of 3.0ppm. It supports the transformation into hydrogen inhalation bottle and mini portable hydrogen water generator.

Application for covid-19

Hydrogen Inhaltion Machine Premium Version for two people. Molecular hydrogen flow: 600mL/min, double-port hydrogen, single-port hydrogen output: 300mL/min Hydrogen purity: >99.99%.

H2 Life High Volume Micro-Nano Hydrogen Generator 1500ppb. Production can accommodate commercial or industrial needs. Suitable for spas, sauna, hot springs, agricultural uses, etc.

Micro-Nano Hydrogen Spa Generator. Micro-nano-grade pure hydrogen water bath. Super high concentration–up to 1400 ppb. Long-lasting, full potency for 3 hours.

Revolutionary technology/Clean and sanitize/No chemical residues/Antibacterial. A small bag (86g) can be used 600 times! Powerful cleaning, vibrant colors

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