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Chuanghui Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a high-tech enterprise deeply engaged in the fifield of  health and beauty for 20 years, integrating product development, production, sales and technical services. Our  company has been specializing in the R&D and production of hydrogen equipment for 10 years, with products sold  in over 50 countries worldwide and highly recognized and favored by consumers in Japan, Europe and America,  and other countries. Hydrogen product series: more than 30 products including drinking hydrogen-rich water series, hydrogen  oxygen machine series, pure hydrogen machine series, bath series, nano high concentration hydrogen water series,  central system series, mask series, pet series, smart agriculture series, animal husbandry series, laundry series and  other series. Qualififications and certififications: Our company has won more than 20 patents, 30+ international certififications,  30 plus honorary certifificates, and over 20 authoritative inspection reports, ranking among the top in the industry. Famous Clients and partners: Tsinghua University, Boai Tumor Hospital, Hangzhou Integrated Traditional  Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Ciming Checkup, Meiou Physical Examination, Oasis Health Management, Ruipeng Pet Hospital, etc. We apply hydrogen in healthcare, beauty, and agricultural fifield with a wide range of products, aiming to create  an international brand of integrity, responsibility, innovation, and devotion. We strive to improve human health  and wellbeing worldwidely.  

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