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1800ML Hydrogen Oxygen Machine

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Detailed Introduction


1、Be sure to use pure water or secondary distilled water;

2、It is recommended not to talk or talk less when absorbing hydrogen; hydrogen is afraid of running away

3、When the hydrogen suction machine is not used for a long time, a small amount of pure water should be kept to keep it moist;

4、Replace and clean the pure water once every 20 days or so;

5、How long does hydrogen absorption have effect? Different health problems have different time, generally there will be improvement in about three months;

6、How long is it good to absorb hydrogen every day? At least one hour of hydrogen inhalation every day, if you have time, you can suck 1~2 hours each in the morning, midday and evening;

7、No feeling when inhaling? Hydrogen is colorless and tasteless, and the human body can breathe up to about 10L per minute, our hydrogen suction machine is 300ml and 600ml/minute flow, which is relatively soft, so you can't feel it, but you can see the hydrogen bubble when you put it into the water.

8、Will it be harmful if I suck too much hydrogen? Hydrogen gas is confirmed to have no side effects, so it is not harmful.

9、Isn't hydrogen a flammable and explosive gas? Hydrogen is flammable and explosive only in the range of 4%-75%, and hydrogen is very easy to escape. The flow rate of our hydrogen suction machine is up to 600ml, which is not enough to produce flammable and explosive concentration in the air, so it is not dangerous, but even if our hydrogen suction machine is safe enough, don't use it in the closed space and keep it away from the open fire.

10、When you start to suck hydrogen (especially the high flow hydrogen oxygen machine), you should inhale it gradually from a short time of 10 minutes, and then extend the time of sucking hydrogen for 10 minutes each time after there is no stress reaction for three consecutive days. 

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