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What are the advantages of a high concentration hydrogen water bottle?

Under the premise of separation of hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen-rich water is definitely better than ordinary purified water and bottled water. It does no harm to people who drink more. Daily intake of oxygen-removed hydrogen through drinking water is now more and more families are paying attention to. I buy some nutritional supplements, but I don’t always remember to eat, so the intake of hydrogen through water is a more natural and high-frequency way. All water is used for cooking, soup and tea, without any other nutritional supplements. Able to reach such a high frequency and with high concentration hydrogen water able to get more benefits.

Why buy a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water bottle ? The role of high concentration hydrogen water. Hydrogen has four major functions: regulating cells, deoxidizing, anti-apoptosis, and resisting inflammation. What does this mean? Hydrogen molecules can penetrate deep into the cells to remove oxidation, replenish water, and make the cells revitalized. So what are the advantages of a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water over a low-concentration hydrogen-rich water? Scientific research shows that the higher the hydrogen concentration, the better the effect on the human body, so it is healthier to choose a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water bottle. Shenzhen Chuanghui Hydrogen Technology Development Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research on the health of hydrogen products for many years. After repeated research and development, it has successfully developed a high-concentration hydrogen-rich water bottle, which brings a different hydrogen health experience to consumers.

High concentration hydrogen water bottle

The high-concentration hydrogen water cup electrolyzes water into water rich in hydrogen atoms. The electrolysis technology allows the water to evenly wrap the hydrogen molecules and promotes a stable combination of hydrogen and water. It has the characteristics of high hydrogen concentration and good stability. The hydrogen and oxygen separation of the hydrogen spring water cup is complete. The electrode plate is coated with platinum seven layers. After actual testing, there is no ozone, no residual chlorine, and no metal precipitation. It is reliable and reliable, durable, and safe to drink. The hydrogen water produced has a good taste. odorless. There are three ways to use the hydrogen spring water cup. When you go out, you can take the hydrogen water treasure out and use it with a mineral water bottle. You can also put a special hydrogen suction cup cover and a hydrogen suction tube on it. In the process of hydrogen production, hydrogen can be absorbed. Normally, you can use a hydrogen water cup to absorb hydrogen. You only need to put on the lid of the hydrogen suction cup and the hydrogen suction tube. Touch the switch to turn on the hydrogen production mode. The hydrogen production can be turned on by touching it twice in 3 minutes, and it will be turned on for 9 minutes by touching it three times. Hydrogen production mode, with an average of 1500 ppb in 3 minutes and an average of 3000 ppb in 9 minutes. Hydrogen water can be used to make tea, coffee, milk powder, etc. It can also be used to produce hydrogen with warm water below 60 degrees Celsius.

The hydrogen-rich water bottle for you to easily “intelligently create” high-concentration hydrogen-rich water in the new era, and escort your healthy life. It is used by a wide range of people, whether it is middle-aged and elderly people, pregnant mothers, overtime workers or babies Can be used by young children


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