hydrogen dissolution time

Molecular hydrogen dissolution time

How long does molecular hydrogen exist in hydrogen rich water? Which is also called dissolution time, it depends on which method molecular hydrogen generated and mixed in the water.

Have you ever noticed?
If you pour a carbonated beverage like soft drink into a glass and let it sit for quite a while, sooner or later all carbon dioxide (those air pockets of gas) will blow away into the air and you will at this point don’t feel those bubbles popping on your tongue while drinking it. 

And if you, on the other hand, keep the packaging unopened where the carbon dioxide is held under the perfect amount of pressure, its presence in water will keep going for much longer. The same applies to Hydrogen gas, but there is the reason why we want Hydrogen to dissolve in water and why we should seek for higher dissolution time of molecular hydrogen in the water.

Since Hydrogen has been found to have significant health benefits to the body in more than 600 examinations, it has grabbed the scientific and medical community’s interest. Most researches are also soon to be held on Hydrogen, so you never know what more Hydrogen can do.

Molecular hydrogen dissolution time

Hydrogen is a Gas

When dissolved in water under pressure, Hydrogen formulates nano-bubbles. The most amazing thing is its presence in the water in its vaporous form to get easily assimilated through the tissues in the body. It is tiny to such extent that it quickly penetrates the blood-brain barrier, into the circulation system, and into your cell’s energy factory where it can play out its therapeutic function, killing the damaging free radical. 

Produce to be drunk fresh from the tap or ionizing bottle

Hydrogen-rich water is produced to provide families, workplaces, exercise centers or yoga studios (and so forth) with filtered, clean fresh hydrogen-rich water on tap. and if you are using a hydrogen water-generating bottle that is also fine as you just make it and drink it. 

But if you want to avail Hydrogen’s therapeutic benefits to its core, drink fresh water produce by a high-quality Hydrogen-rich water unit is the most advantageous and effective option. 

The life span of the Hydrogen in water depends on three factors.

  • Air Exposure

An airtight container is much suitable for keeping your Hydrogen water fresh for a little longer. 

  • The material of the Container

High-quality glass or stainless steel would be a great choice. I won’t recommend you plastic but if you have no other option, go for a high-quality BPA free bottle.

Moreover, if you fill your bottle to the very top with no air space, you put a nice lid and seal it perfectly, and then you can have hydrogen-rich water for about 10 days.

  • Temperature 

The temperature is very important because the colder the water, the slower the process of blowing away the gas. Therefore, it is best to keep your bottle in the fridge.

Well, if you follow these instructions, you will likely be able to increase the life span of your Hydrogen-rich water. But in my opinion, fresh Hydrogen water from the tap is more advantageous than it. And if you want to have Hydrogen-water right from your tap, you can install H2 life’s Central Micro-Nano Hydrogen Generators and achieve your desire to have fresh water anytime, anywhere. You can also have hydrogen water bottle generator for fresh hydrogen rich water while travelling, outside or in the office.


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