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We have always dreamed of creating a hydrogen water generator that meets the needs of hydrogen water drinking, hydrogen breathing and portability. A hydrogen bottle embodies H2 Life’s signature technology and has the potential to redefine the possibility of hydrogen drinking water. In the creation of the H2 Life Hydrogen Water Bottle, our dreams come true.

Hydrogen water bottle from H2Life
hydrogen water bottle H2 Life

US DuPont 117

No ozone and chlorine. Equipped with DuPont 117 membrane to strictly separate hydrogen and harmful gases.Provide you with unprecedented pure hydrogen drinking water. Besides, it does not change the pH of the water.

Slow down and enjoy

Powered by the H2 Life Hydrogen infusion technology and sealing technology, The h2 life hydrogen water bottle hugely prolongs hydrogen storage time for you.

12 hours without opening the lid, the hydrogen concentration remains at 1.7PPM

There Uses

You Can Use It As:

1. Hydrogen water bottle
2. Hydrogen inhaler
3. Portable hydrogen water generator
h2 life hydrogen water bottle parameters

Smart Indicator

Comfortable grip

Slim body, comfortable material.

You can easily take it wherever you want to go.


Top food grade cup body, baby and pregnant women can be assured to use 

bottle body

Innovative exhaust design

The innovative bottom active exhaust design is better than the traditional drainage design. 

Longitudinal, Slim

The vertical cup structure is more conducive to the integration of hydrogen into the water.

Stylish and elegant

Anytime, it will be your best companion

Scientific capacity

320ml(One Cup),More in line with human drinking water needs

0.2Mpa Internal Pressure

 Ensure high concentration of hydrogen

Hydrogen water bottle details
hydrogen water bottle 7-color lights
h2 life hydrogen water bottle package

Real Shot

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