hydrogen rich water generator

Hydrogen rich water generator to enjoy the power of hydrogen anywhere

70% of the human body is composed of water. Water is the source of life, water is healthy for human health. If you drink good water, you should drink hydrogen-rich water, because hydrogen-rich water refers to the water in which hydrogen is dissolved in the water. A certain degree of reducibility. Biologically speaking, human aging has a lot to do with free radicals. The reducing hydrogen can reduce the concentration of free radicals, keep the body young, and have a certain effect on preventing physical problems. Hydrogen-rich water bottles can produce hydrogen-rich water makes more people feel the role of hydrogen. The study suggests that hydrogen concentration should be the key indicator when buying hydrogen water bottles. High-concentration hydrogen rich water generator is easier to absorb and has a strong ability to deoxidize.

Hydrogen rich water generator

The hydrogen rich water bottle of H2 life can produce a bottle of high-concentration hydrogen water in three minutes. The average hydrogen production in 3 minutes is above 1500ppb, the average hydrogen production in 9 minutes is above 3000ppb, and the high hydrogen production in 9 minutes can reach 3700ppb. It uses advanced ions exchange membrane technology can make hydrogen and oxygen separation completely. Produce high-quality hydrogen-rich water without changing taste. Based on the fact that the use of hydrogen is not harmful, the more hydrogen-rich water we consume daily, the better. Generally, a person drinks about 2-3 liters a day, and more can drink up to 5 liters. Hydrogen-rich water is recommended to be drunk with the preparation, repeated many times, by adding more hydrogen, it has a dosage basis for biological effects. The H2 life water bottle is designed with a combined hydrogen water bottle. You only need to carry the hydrogen rich water generator for business trips and sports. With mineral water on the market, you can start producing hydrogen-rich water. Enjoy the power of hydrogen intake anytime, anywhere.

A study from Japan found that centenarians who drink hydrogen-rich water all year round have a strong hydrogen production capacity, more than three times that of ordinary people, proving that hydrogen-rich water can indeed make the body healthier and slow down aging. It is believed that in the future, drinking water will gradually change from single thirst quenching and summer escape to health, nutrition, and beauty. Hydrogen-rich water bottles are expected to become the new favorite of the beverage market.


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