Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 600ml Premium Version

High-quality hydrogen production

Safe and efficient

High purity:

> 99.99%
High hydrogen purity, meets FDA food additive requirements

Safe hydrogen output

> 300ml / min each port
The hydrogen output is sufficient to meet the 2% hydrogen absorption ratio. No false publicity

Ingenious manufacturing

Hydrogen inhaler manufacturing expert

Industry-leading technology, two hydrogen production chambers, and balanced hydrogen output separately. Share also fair

No humidification bottle technology

Break through technical bottlenecks! No humidification bottle, avoiding water spray at the hydrogen outlet and lowering hydrogen purity

Strong cooling capacity

Double-sided balance and back cooling system, no overheating during long-term use
excellent quality

Ingenious manufacturing

Stable performance:

Pure hydrogen purity and output flow can still reach 300ml / min after one year;
Hydrogen purity still exceeds 99.99%

Long service life:

Service life up to 8000-10000 hours

Just “One Click”

After selecting the work time, press the start button to run. Elderly can easily learn


You could buy two, or just one!

Buy one and use it for two people! Save money and save time

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