Hydrogen inhalation machine 600ml/min Single Version

The first 600ml hydrogen inhalation machine from H2 Life. It contains the most advanced technology of H2 Life, and the hydrogen output reaches 600ml / min. Equipped with advanced SPE technology and DuPont 117 exchange membrane, let us get double intake, hydrogen molecules can better penetrate into every cell in the body, fully remove malignant oxygen free radicals, and improve human health.

h2 inhalation machine H2Life - 600ml


Size: 425*200*335mm

Weight: 12.5Kg

Hydrogen Output: 600ml/min

Power: 320W

Voltage:220V 50Hz/ 110V 60Hz

Internal pressure: 0.24-036Mpa

Hydrogen purity: >99.99%

4 levels of use time: 30, 60, 90 and 120 min

hydrogen water maker

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best hydrogen inhalation machine by H2 Life

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