Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 300ml Single Version

Now, it is the era of pure hydrogen. As a high-performance hydrogen breathing device from H2 Life, the reliable hydrogen inhalation machine delivers 300+ml hydrogen output per minute. The revolutionary no humidification bottle design, say goodbye to the terrible water spray. With SPE and DuPont 117 exchange membrane, you get only pure hydrogen. Just click the button, you enjoy pure hydrogen breathing anytime, anywhere.

Best hydrogen inhalation machine by H2 Life
features of hydrogen inhalation machine from H2 life

Breathing hydrogen, Japan's advanced treatment

Studies have shown that hydrogen can selectively neutralize oxygen free radicals, help the body’s cells remove toxic oxidation and restore activity, and eventually the body returns to a healthy state. In addition, as early as 2016, Japan Medical has incorporated hydrogen inhalation into advanced medical methods.

Nature medicine published article about hydrogen therapy

Why choose a 2% hydrogen absorption ratio?

Japan’s hydrogen treatment methods and international research on hydrogen disease improvement show that 2% -4% ratio can achieve the best hydrogen therapy effect.

2% Hydrogen inhalation effect

Certification authority

Adopt international advanced DuPont 117 exchange membrane to provide pure hydrogen absorption experience.
H2 Life hydrogen inhalation machine hydrogen purity is higher than 99.99% . And 300 + ml/min hydrogen flow rate meets 2% hydrogen absorption ratio.

report of testing hydrogen inhalation machine

Revolutionary non-humidifying bottle design

H2Life Hydrogen Inhalation machine 300ml/minute

2L large capacity

Hydrogen inhalation machine with super cooling system from H2Life

Just “One Click”

Freedom to define your time

Support four levels of hydrogen breathing time adjustment, allow the hydrogen to penetrate inside each organ. Available in 4 levels, 30min, 60min, 90min and 120min.

digital display and touch buttons

Can work continuously for 4 hours

Super cooling system will not cause overheating for long hours of work. Meet the needs of multiple people at home.

Super Cooling system hydrogen inhalation machine

Water Level Smart Indicator

When there is too much or no water in the tank, the machine will automatically stop working and actively tweet and the water level icon will flash. User-friendly design brings better experience to people with visual or hearing impairments.

Easy to operate indicators

Soft & Durable Handle

Soft and sturdy handle material, you can easily take it wherever you want to go.

Easy to carry handle
Ultra quite design hydrogen inhalation machine
small size inhalation machine
package of inhalation machine
hydrogen inhalation machine feature
best after sales service from h2 life

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