Hydrogen bubble bath powder

Hydrogen bubble bath powder-Bagged hydrogen powder is suitable for daily bathing. Promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, and improve skin

Hydrogen bubble bath powder



Tech Parameters



Over 1000ppb

Production Time

Up to 1 hour

Water Temperature




Hydrogen bubble bath powderLeading technology

Strong hydrogen production capacity, high hydrogen concentration, up to 1000ppb.
Sustained hydrogen production: breakthrough continuous hydrogen production for up to 1 hour. 

User-friendly experience

1. For hydrogen bubble bathing, each bag can be mixed with 150L-200L water,stir well with water at a suitable temperature of 38C-42C (water temperature is about 40C), then you can enjoy for around 15-40 minutes.
2. Lightweight and portable, easy to use.
3. Enjoy the special care of hydrogen anywhere, anytime.

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