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How to choose a hydrogen gas inhaler when first buying

The hydrogen gas inhaler(hydrogen breathing machine) is a pure hydrogen inhaler different from the hydrogen-oxygen mixed inhaler. Hydrogen is recognized as a toxic free radical killer. Daily hydrogen inhalation can help us improve health. It usually uses water to electrolyze hydrogen, which is also the most economical way. When the device is energized, the anode produces hydrogen and the cathode produces oxygen. Eventually, hydrogen provides us with breathing, into the brain, blood, and lungs to neutralize toxic free radicals in the body. To achieve the purpose of improving human health from the root. This is an ideal state, but in fact, electrolysis in life is often accompanied by chlorine, ozone, and other things that are not good for the human body. So how should we choose a hydrogen inhaler when we need to buy it?

Choose a healthy pure hydrogen gas inhaler

  • Hydrogen purity is higher than 99.99%

The higher the purity of hydrogen, the better the quality of hydrogen. In 2014, the FDA approved the hydrogen consumption standard, and the hydrogen concentration must exceed 99.99%. More than this purity can enter the human body and meet the inhalation standard. Ideally, water can only electrolyze hydrogen and oxygen. Why isn’t it pure hydrogen? It depends on the water. Water in different regions will contain different minerals, impurities, and even heavy metals. This is why some hydrogens have low purity and contain other impurity gases. All because some of their hydrogen inhaler manufacturers do not have the technology to completely separate hydrogen. Therefore, you must ask the merchant to provide a hydrogen purity certificate before buying it! Make sure you get hydrogen that meets the inhalation standards.

proof of hydrogen purity and output flow
  • Hydrogen inhaler’s output

Hydrogen is a dangerous gas when its volume concentration in the air reaches 4% -75%. From this range, hydrogen will burn and explode to varying degrees. The research team led by the Japanese hydrogen medical expert Dr. Shigeo Ohta proved in the experiment that hydrogen can improve various diseases. After providing hydrogen with a hydrogen concentration of 2% -4%, many diseases have improved. At the same time, hydrogen breathing has been applied to the post-cardiac arrest syndrome by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare, while inhaling 2% hydrogen. The hydrogen concentration of 2% -4% requires the output of hydrogen to be controlled at 300ml / min-400ml / min so that the hydrogen can achieve the improvement effect.

In short, you must be cautious when choosing a hydrogen gas inhaler. The original purpose of hydrogen inhalation was to neutralize toxic free radicals in the human body and ultimately improve human health. I don’t think anyone would want a device that would cause additional harm, do you think? If you have any questions, please leave me a message.

Next time, we will share with you why inferior hydrogen inhalers can cause suffocation


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