high quality hydrogen water bottle

High quality hydrogen water bottle, the choice for quality life

With the development of hydrogen medicine, the concept of hydrogen medicine is gradually recognized by people, and more and more products are coming out related to hydrogen. Among them, the hydrogen water bottle is a relatively common hydrogen product in our lives, so it is really important to choose high quality hydrogen water bottle. 

With the continuous influx of various hydrogen water bottle brands into the market, we need to pay special attention to quality when choosing hydrogen water bottle, because many inferior hydrogen water bottles produce by-products such as ozone and residual chlorine during the hydrogen production process. The by-products not only affect the taste of hydrogen-rich water, but are also harmful substances that affect human health.

For consumers, choosing a good hydrogen-rich water bottle is particularly important. The ion exchange membrane used in the traditional hydrogen water cup cannot meet the high requirements, hydrogen and oxygen cannot be completely separated, and other impurities are also easy to exist in the hydrogen water. The Hydrogen Water Bottle uses advanced ion exchange membranes to completely separate hydrogen and oxygen, without releasing other impurities, and taste pure and tasteless. The electrode plate of the hydrogen water cup adopts advanced PEM electrolysis technology. The electrode plate is plated with 7 layers of platinum. The platinum coating can prolong the service life of the electrode plate, increase the hydrogen production concentration, and prevent harmful impurities from being precipitated in the hydrogen production process.

High quality hydrogen water bottle

With the development of the hydrogen-rich industry, more and more hydrogen rich water bottle have entered the market, but it is inevitable that unqualified products will be mixed, the hydrogen concentration will not reach the effect, and even claim to be beneficial to human health but produce harmful substances. 

Seeing this phenomenon, H2 life is more determined to only make hydrogen water bottles that are beneficial to the human body. Hydrogen water of up to 3700ppb can be produced in nine minutes. According to scientific research, the higher the hydrogen content, the better the effect on the human body, and the greater the effect. Under normal circumstances, the high-concentration hydrogen water effect of H2 life is better than others (Two to three times that of others) 

In addition, the design of H2 life water bottle is lightweight, simple and fashionable, and it also meets the needs of users when traveling. Spend 3 minutes a day. Using a hydrogen spring hydrogen water bottle to make high-concentration hydrogen water will make you more and more healthy. Due to the high quality of the product and the continuous brand It has won many awards, and the hydrogen water bottles of H2 life are sold all over the world, and have won praises from many users and distributors at home and abroad.


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