Central micro-nano hydrogen Generator

Take care of your family’s health

Central hydrogen supply technology connects directly to your internal home plumbing system to transform all your water into pure molecular hydrogen infused water. It is equipped with a hydrogen shower system.

Central micro-nano hydrogen Generator main pic


1. Instant hydrogen production

2. Micro-nano-grade pure hydrogen water

3. Super high concentration–up to 1400 ppb

4. Long-lasting, full potency for 3 hours.


1. Bubble bath (Safe for pregnant women and children)

2. Showering

3. Daily rinse (cleans pores and removes cosmetic residue and dirt particles)

4. Pets and plants

5. Vegetables and fruits (soak to effectively remove pesticide residues and improve antioxidant capacity)

Technical Specifications

Input Power





Pearl white


35 kg (77 lb)


46 cm (18.1 in) x 26 cm (10.2 in) x 36 cm (14.2 in)


Central hydrogen supply technology can connect various outlet pipes at home to produce pure hydrogen water.


More Details

Showering: The equipment produces micro-nano hydrogen, which will not escape easily and works better on the skin and body.
Bubble bath: highly concentrated hydrogen water, the total amount of hydrogen in the bath bucket is extremely high, so that it can fully infiltrate the whole body.
Bathing: Very high concentration of hydrogen water, the total amount of hydrogen in the bath is extremely high, and it can fully penetrate the skin of the whole body.
Daily rinse: clean pores and remove cosmetic residue (the role of micro-nano bubbles)
Strong cleansing ability: can be used for daily cleaning of dirt (the role of micro-nano bubbles).
Care for pets and plants at home: effectively prevent and control diseases of pets and plants.
Soak vegetables and fruits: remove pesticide residues effectively and enhance the antioxidant capacity of vegetables and fruits.

Hydrogen shower system