hydrogen water bottle series

Hydrogen Water Machine Series

Drinking Hydrogen Water for Health and Beauty

Are you still eating all kinds of strange capsules? Three to five bottles of hydrogen water per day, you will see a better you. Now, it’s time to change another anti-aging way!

hydrogen water bottle product

Hydrogen Water Bottle

9-min 3700ppb | PEM(SPE)Tech | 320ml | Support Hydrogen Inhalation | LG Food Grade PC | 0.2 Mpa Pressure | Portable | Explosion-proof design | no ozone and chlorine…

Mini Hydrogen Water Generator

Mini Hydrogen Water Generator

9-min 2500ppb | SPE Tech |  Micro-nano Bubble Tech | No Ozone and Chlorine | With Hydrogen Water Spray Bottle | Platinum Coating | Use with Bottled water |  Mini and Portable | 140g Weight

Hydrogen Water Series Accessories

Hydrogen water spray bottle

Hydrogen Water Spray Bottle

Pocket-friendly | Moderate spray volume | Does not damage makeup | Unique pressure design | Long-lasting hydrogen concentration

hydrogen inhalaton cap

Hydrogen Inhalation Cap

Working with Hydrogen Cylinders | For Hydrogen Inhalation | With Nasal Oxygen Tube

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